The joy of decorating for the holiday season starts with bringing that box of keepsakes out of storage and remembering everything you love about your holiday traditions. Equally rewarding is adding something new. This holiday season, complement your usual holiday décor with metal prints. Here are a few places in the home where metal prints add artistic flair and eye-catching elegance for the holidays.

The Mantel

Incorporate a small, square metal print into the classic holiday headquarters. You can lean the print against or hang it on the wall, perhaps replacing a temporary wreath with a reusable piece of art. 

The Bar Cart

Everyone loves a festive holiday bar cart. Nestle a hip metal print between bottles to make your bar cart look less boozy and more artsy. It can be a holiday-themed image or one embodying the coolness of cocktail culture. 

The Book Shelf

With metal prints, you don’t need to move your books to make room for holiday décor on your shelves. Simply stand a metal print against books for the season of cheer, then store it away at the start of the new year. Decorating for the holidays can be that easy.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the unofficial gathering place in most homes, especially during holiday hosting. Many people skip kitchen décor because they feel that it will be damaged by heat, steam, water and daily cooking. As long as they’re not placed in the direct line of fire, metal prints can “stand the heat” and, therefore, stay in the kitchen.

The Home Office

Impart the happiness of the holidays on every Zoom call when you use a large metal print for a real-life Zoom background. A panoramic print works perfectly for this use case. Pair it with a smaller print on your desk so you get to enjoy the cozy, wintry imagery, too.

Metal prints are made for holiday decorating. Order your metal prints today!