Love the look of glossy photo prints? Many people are drawn to the sleek, shiny finish that a gloss coating creates. You can take the aesthetic to the next level at Shop Duggal by pairing our glossy prints with two other hot-selling products:

Upgrade to HD

High-definition photo prints bring out every detail that makes your photo magical. Shop Duggal’s HD C-Prints® have an astounding 6,100 apparent dpi, more than twice the resolution of standard photographic prints, with added color gamut and density.

When you order HD C-Prints® and choose Glossy as your paper option, the HD and glossy qualities elevate each other. The gloss spotlights the crisp details, while the details draw you into the image rather than “glossing” over it.

Mount to Acrylic

Glossy photo prints also pair well with our acrylic prints. If you’re not familiar with the acrylic face-mounting method, it’s a wonderful way to display an image with gallery-quality printing. Acrylic face mounting means applying a clear adhesive to the face of a print and then adhering the print to acrylic, often Plexiglass. The extra dimension creates a unique floating effect, which is why we also refer to our acrylic prints as gallery Plexi mounts.

Acrylic serves the dual purpose of protecting your image under the plexiglass, shielding it from dirt, dust, and other elements are known to age artwork. Gallery Plexi prints are UV resistant, scratch-resistant, and even waterproof. They bring the same appearance as glass, without the risk of shattering.

So, what will it be?

No matter which you choose, your glossy prints go further at Shop Duggal!