Searching for “photo printing near me” is a thing of the past, thanks to Shop Duggal. We make it easy to order all sorts of photo prints online, whether for professional use, home décor or personalized gifts. At Shop Duggal, you’ll find:

High-Definition Photo Prints

Standard photo prints might contain 300 dots per inch (DPI), a measure of image precision. Shop Duggal’s high-definition photo prints multiply that resolution many times over for an unmatched 6,100 apparent DPI. HD C-Prints are a product of Duggal Visual Solutions’ ongoing commitment to innovation in photographic printing, produced on a Polielettronica printer that was originally used by the U.S. military for printing high-resolution surveillance footage. See the Difference You Have Been Missing™.


Acrylic Prints

Face mounted acrylic prints are a popular choice among photographers seeking to elevate their imagery. In addition to giving a high-end aesthetic, acrylic helps protect prints from dirt, dust, aging and scratching. Acrylic-mounted prints are waterproof, UV resistant, and shatter resistant. They’re also available in high definition. Learn more.

Canvas Prints

Looking for custom canvas prints to decorate your space? Searching “photo printing near me” will usually lead you to things like CVS photo printing and not large-scale canvas prints. Meanwhile, stock canvas prints from a home furnishing store can be uninspiring. 

Shop Duggal delivers fade-resistant canvas prints with the images of your choice, giving the artwork a long and vibrant lifespan on your wall. Store-bought canvas prints might not be produced with the same high-end inkjet printers and archival techniques that make our canvas prints last for decades. Buy now.


Metal Prints

Metal photo prints bring your photos to life in a new and unique way compared to traditional photo prints. Durable aluminum is the ideal solution for those difficult-to-decorate areas of the home, while ink infused into metal makes for a vibrant image. Shop Duggal’s Vibrachrome™ prints are part art and part science. See how they’re made.

+ More!

From photo prints to photo books and even sample boxes for you to explore different printing materials, Shop Duggal is the new way to buy photo prints online, where you don’t have to worry about transit, store hours or surprises. Get started today.