These posters are truly premium—or shall we say, the poster child of quality printing? Combining the vivid color and detail of photographic prints with the speed and scale of commercial printing, Shop Duggal is rolling out its premium posters for small businesses, brands, venues, artists, or anyone wanting to order posters in bulk. The not-so-secret ingredient is our high-powered press that uses nanography® technology with impressive specs.


In HD Mode, our Nanographic Printing® Press notches 2,400 DPI, or dots per inch, pushing the boundaries for a printer of its kind to rival the sharpness and color of an offset press with plate-free digital print technology. The latter allows us to replicate prints with speed, efficiency and affordability. For comparison, typical resolution for posters might be between 150-300 DPI.


Nanography® enables us to tap into the broadest color gamut in a 7-color press featuring CMYK and Orange, Green and Blue. It nails 95% of PANTONE® colors, replicating brand colors with vibrancy and accuracy. This also makes our posters an ideal solution for eye-catching artwork promoting events such as concerts or gallery exhibitions.

Droplet Size

In printing, the picoliter is a tiny-yet-telling metric. One picoliter represents a trillionth a liter, or 0.000000000001/liter. This number equates to the size of ink droplets. The smaller the drop size, the sharper the print. Our machine’s 3-picoliter drop size borders the lowest of the industry standard range between 2 picoliters and 80 picoliters.


An aqueous coating helps to reduce scuffs and marks on a finished poster, which can otherwise be especially prone to fingerprints. Our premium posters are available with a satin or gloss coating to make your posters last longer.

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