Looking for canvas prints to decorate your space? Skip the home furnishings store and order your canvas prints online at Shop Duggal. Aside from convenience and customization, our canvas prints are an entirely different kind of art than the canvas prints you find in stores.

Gallery Quality

We produce canvas prints using state-of-the-art inkjet printers to ensure the final product captures the heart, soul, color and detail of the art. These prints, also known as giclee prints, have the same quality and craftsmanship that bring professional artists to Duggal Visual Solutions to fulfill high-end gallery exhibitions.

True Longevity

Shop Duggal’s canvas prints are fade resistant, giving the artwork a long and vibrant lifespan on your wall. Store-bought canvas prints might not be produced with the same high-end inkjet printers and archival techniques that make our canvas prints last for decades.

Professional Packing

When you buy from Shop Duggal, you get the full gallery-quality printing experience. That includes professional packing for your piece(s) so that they arrive in perfect condition and ready to hang. See our tips for placing the perfect canvas prints and order yours today!