Do you have a professional portfolio of your photography? If your answer is, “Yes, online,” that’s fantastic. An online portfolio is an absolute must. But what about a physical portfolio? It may seem traditional—and that’s what makes it special. At Shop Duggal, you can create a professional photo book to bring with you on meetings and at industry events. With a portfolio in hand and not just online, you’ll be able to:

Set the Tone

Our Professional Photo Books start with a coated gloss cover for that “feels important” factor. We also offer soft touch lamination and foil-stamping. From the moment you show your portfolio, it will be clear that you are a professional photographer who takes your craft seriously.

Show Your Photos

Photographs are meant to be printed. Even on high-resolution devices, a screen just doesn’t capture the same palpable experience of photo prints. Seeing photos on super-smooth, professional-grade photo paper will draw viewers into your imagery while you explain your creative process. Our online photo book creator also allows text, for those photographers who like to tell a story with an image.

Win New Business

When you’re meeting with potential clients, a flip book helps to take the pressure off of your shoulders. Instead of selling your services, you’re sharing and letting your work speak for itself. Bring your portfolio everywhere you go, because you never know who you’ll meet. Our Professional Photo Book sizes easily fit in a gear or messenger bag, so you can always be ready to sign a new client.

Create a Professional Photo Book completely online at Shop Duggal, and we’ll deliver your printed portfolio to your door. Get started here.