Black and white photo prints are an art form of their own. In a world of color, there’s something about black and white that feels classic, timeless, and intriguing. At Shop Duggal, you can order Ilford True Black & White Prints that go beyond simply converting color to black and white. What makes this medium and material combination so striking?

Silver Gelatin Paper

The allure of Ilford starts with the material, which is made by combining gelatin, salts, and pigments. The Art Institute of Chicago explains:

Gelatin silver printing has been the primary black-and-white process since its development in the late 1880s and consists of three layers—paper, baryta, and gelatin—on which an image is produced. The paper essentially serves as a base, with the baryta layer (a surface preparation of barium sulfate) sitting on top to separate the image-containing gelatin layer from the paper support.

Darkroom Technique

With over 140 years of excellence, Ilford Photo has long been considered “the home of black and white film photography.” That word, film, is extra-important because it nods to photography’s purest state. Referring back to The Art Institute of Chicago’s explanation of silver gelatin prints, “The gelatin layer is made up of an emulsion that consists of light-sensitive silver compounds that form the image following exposure of the negative and development in a chemical bath.

In other words, Ilford True Black & White Prints maintain the legacy and essence of darkroom photographic film development.

Pop of Contrast

The science of silver gelatin makes for a much more noticeable difference in the details of your black and white prints. White appears brighter, black appears darker, and grays take on a subtle sheen for a truly beautiful—and authentically artistic—image. Order your Ilford True Black & White Prints today at Shop Duggal by selecting our Lightjet prints with Ilford B&W as your paper option.