Acrylic prints give your photography a high-end, gallery-quality appearance. Your print is face-mounted to a quarter-inch-thick Plexiglass sheet with flame-polished edges, a Sintra or aluminum composite backing, and wall hanging hardware attached. These gorgeous prints are available on several different paper options. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at one of them, Fujifilm’s Crystal Archive Deep Matte (Velvet).

Pure Whites & Accurate Colors

Fujifilm touts its Crystal Archive Deep Matte photo paper for having pure, clean whites. The paper also allows for a rich color reproduction range and high color saturation. Between the softness of the whites and the brightness of the colors, Crystal Archive Deep Matte delivers true beauty in photo prints.

Warm Matte

Crystal Archive Deep Matte was designed specifically for producing digitally printed professional photographs with a unique visual quality. The lusterless, matte surface gives warmth and elegance to images, making it a great pick for wedding prints and portraiture.

Stunning Prints

One photographer says, “I have found the paper I am gonna marry, and it is Fujicolor Crystal Archive Deep Matte. The prints are hard to describe. They are beautiful and painterly; somehow muted and saturated at the same time.”

For all of its impressive features and benefits, this perennial Fujicolor favorite is best experienced in hand, in person. See it for yourself and find the right material selection for your photo prints by ordering a $15 sample box. Purchase your prints box today, or skip straight to our acrylic prints and choose Deep Matte (Velvet) in the Paper Options dropdown menu.