Shop Duggal is home to a variety of DIY crafts that allow you to custom-design everything from photographic prints to photo books, which make perfect gifts for coworkers, friends and loved ones. 

But which gift is right for who? While you (hopefully!) know the people in your life better than we do, here are a few pro tips just in case you find yourself caught in a secret Santa situation come December. 

Photographic Prints: Cherish the Memory, Complement the Space 

Photographic prints are our bread and butter—as in, we can’t get enough of them! We love when a new photographic print project comes in, as we think it’s one of the most thoughtful and creative ways to hold a special memory forever. 

In addition to making super-thoughtful gifts, photographic prints are great interior design pieces—especially when printed on one of our unique, high-quality materials, such as acrylic, canvas or metal. If the person on your list is moving or revamping their home or office, a photographic print can be a sweet, personal gesture that helps spruce up the space. 

Prints also make great keepsakes for momentous occasions. Maybe you and your bestie took an awesome trip together, or you recently watched your niece get married. Photographic prints show how much you cherish not just the memory, but the person. 

Capture It All in a Photo Book

The advantage of a photo book is that you don’t need to choose just one picture to print—rather, you can compile all of your favorites into one of Shop Duggal’s perfect-bound books. 

We often see people using photo books to encapsulate memories of a major event, such as a wedding, religious ceremony or graduation. If you know the person has a special occasion coming up, plan to take a lot of photos, and then create a memory photo book as gift.

Photo books also make great gifts for the visual artists in your life—designers, photographers, stylists, etc. Helping your artist friend create a professional portfolio that can be used in interviews and meetings—or handed out at trade shows or networking events—is a gesture we guarantee won’t soon be forgotten. 

On the Fence or Looking for More Options?

Gift-giving is one of our favorite activities here at Shop Duggal, and we would love to help you create the perfect keepsake for that special someone in your life. While you may be ahead of the holiday curve today, you won’t be for long. Shop now.