Your mobile photos are instantly accessible in your pocket, but it’s still a great feeling to see some of your captured moments beautifully assembled in a photo book. At Shop Duggal, we specialize in producing custom photo books for the major events in your life that deserve a physical rendition for you to hold on to forever, such as:


A wedding is one of the most celebrated events in a lifetime—most people even call it the happiest day of their life. Accordingly, a lot of couples hire high-end photographers to capture their special day. What better way to create a keepsake of that celebration than by assembling your favorite photos from your wedding—professional and candid alike—into a photo book?

Baby Years

You often hear parents with grown children say to “relish the baby years.” This is because these precious few years are so unique and deeply sentimental. With cell phones offering some of the best camera technology available in 2019, even the busiest parents are able to snag great pictures of their infants. Now, imagine a beautifully designed custom photo book that combines all of those Instagram-worthy photos in a way that lets you relive the baby years forever.


Whether it’s middle school, high school, or college, graduations are a time where we salute the hard work that has launched a new chapter. Being able to look back on these momentous days can be an uplifting and fun way to review the periods of our lives that helped shape who we are today.

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If you think it’s time to start assembling your favorite photos into a photo book, Duggal can help. We have experts standing by who would be happy to further explain the five different customizable elements that can allow you to craft the right photo book for your memory bank.