Showing your appreciation for clients during the holiday season doesn’t have to send you on a second holiday gift chase. You’re already on the clock to find gifts for your family, while simultaneously trying to keep up with the holiday rush at work and enjoy some much-deserved PTO. So, we’ve simplified corporate holiday gifting into one unified, creative idea that we can complete for you in a single print run at Shop Duggal. 

Introducing Premium Posters

Just in time for the holidays, our premium posters make gift-giving easy and timely. With a poster as your company’s go-to gift across the board, you’ll have all of your clients’ holiday gifts ordered with just a few clicks on our site. What makes premium posters such a great corporate gift pick?

The New Branded Calendar

The branded calendar keeps your company’s services in sight and mind, with a subtle reminder each month the calendar turns. While calendars are more digital these days and many people work remotely, a poster embraces the same proof of concept in a more eye-catching way.

Corporate calendar

Impressive Image Quality

We call our posters premium for a reason. In HD Mode, our Nanographic Printing® Press notches 2,400 DPI (dots per inch), achieving the sharpness and color of an offset press with plate-free digital print technology. The latter allows us to replicate prints with speed, efficiency and affordability. For comparison, typical resolution for posters might be between 150-300 DPI.

Protective Aqueous Coating

An aqueous coating helps to reduce scuffs and marks on a finished poster, which can otherwise be especially prone to fingerprints. Our premium posters are available with a satin or gloss coating so that your gift lasts longer in clients’ offices. Bonus points if your marketing team can come up with a creative, conceptual and collectible poster that clients might even display in their homes.

Reliable Bulk Ordering

The minimum premium poster quantity is 25 per print design. There is no maximum! Backed by leading global printing company Duggal Visual Solutions, Shop Duggal is made to scale, with price breaks along the way. Poster orders ship within 5 business days. Order today!