Searching for wall art to spruce up your home or office? Canvas prints are the perfect solution, bringing gallery-quality printing to your personal space. If you’re a photographer (yes, even a novice!), you’ll love how your photos come to life on canvas. But placing the perfect canvas print takes some thought and planning. Here are some things to consider.

Wall Space

How much room do you have on your wall for an art piece? Measure both the width and height, and then multiply both dimensions by .75 so that your print size takes up 75% of the open space. You can go a little smaller if you’d like, but we wouldn’t recommend going much larger unless you’re looking to venture into wallpaper territory.


Will your print be vertical, horizontal, or square? If it’s horizontal, should you stretch to a panorama? At Shop Duggal, you can choose from any orientation and many sizes ranging from 8” by 8” to 96” by 48”. Landscapes are usually best displayed horizontally (aka landscape mode), while portraits look great as squares. Buildings or trees typically lend themselves to vertical prints.


Looking at the furniture directly under, adjacent to or across from your wall space can help you decide the orientation. For example, a print going above a couch will likely be horizontal, whereas one above a dinner table might be vertical or square.


Accent pieces affect your wall art decisions, too. If you have a vintage globe, for instance, you probably don’t need a vintage map next to it. Opt instead for something contrasting yet complementary, such as a black and white print of a specific place or an astract piece evoking the allure of the ocean or sky.

Whatever your vision may be, you can explore the possibilities at Shop Duggal and know we’re always here to help. Create your custom canvas prints today!