Metal photo prints bring your photos to life in a new and unique way compared to traditional photo prints. Durable aluminum is the ideal solution for those difficult-to-decorate areas of the home, while ink infused into metal makes for a vibrant image. Shop Duggal’s Vibrachrome™ prints are part art and part science. Here’s how we produce our trademarked metal photo prints:

The Vibrachrome™ Process

Vibrachrome™ is Duggal’s response to the need for beautiful metal prints that last. First, we take a specially coated paper through a dye-sublimation press. This press is typically used for fabric and textile printing but lends itself well to metal when it comes to heat transfer. 

From the dye-sublimation press, the coated paper then goes to a second press that heats the print against the face of a ChromaLuxe metal panel at 400 degrees F. This panel will soon become your print. As the water in the ink evaporates, the ink transitions from a solid to gaseous state. After the metal cools, the ink becomes permanent and scratch-resistant, with no lamination needed.

The Two Presses We Use for Metal Photo Prints

To create a vibrant, permanent, long-lasting image on metal, we use two specialty commercial presses that comprise the Vibrachrome™ process. 

The Roland Texart XT-640 is a fast, efficient, and versatile dye-sublimation press. With this machine, we’re able to choose from hundreds of ink colors including fluorescents, and printing with excellent color quality onto a variety of materials such as metal.

From the Texart, Vibrachrome™ prints move to our 941 TRITON press. The 941 TRITON provides a stable, solid work base with oversized and heat pressing capabilities. Typical heat transfer applications with the TRITON include banners, garments, carpets, mats, woods, plastics and our star of the show in this discussion, metal.


Environment in Mind

From the start, aluminum is one of the most environmentally friendly printing materials you’ll find. Still, we take our sustainability pledge a step further in tandem with our metal supplier, ChromaLuxe. 

ChromaLuxe sources metal that is both recycled and recyclable. The company also uses a low energy process for curing and coating, with other green practices including low-energy light bulbs and an ongoing recycling program. Meanwhile, Shop Duggal’s building in Brooklyn, NY is the first printing facility ever to receive the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification.


Ready to see your image make its way to metal? Get started today! Need some inspiration? See how the pros are using Shop Duggal’s Vibrachrome™ metal photo prints.