Shop Duggal wishes everyone a Thanksgiving filled with warmth, food, happiness, and photo prints. We’re thankful for the opportunity to deliver lasting memories and art pieces using our easy online platform, which wouldn’t be possible without all of the following people:

Our Team

Keeping a global printing company running through a pandemic isn’t easy, especially pairing it with e-commerce operations and the challenges of supply chains today. To our team, we thank you for your dedication and hard work through it all, allowing us to make high-quality photo prints and photo books available at a time when people realize the power of imagery more than ever. 

Our Suppliers

There was a time when acrylic prints, canvas prints, metal prints and other solutions were reserved mostly for serious professionals and galleries. We changed that by making gallery-quality printing affordable and accessible for consumers and aspiring creative professionals online. It wouldn’t be possible without our material suppliers who help keep us stocked fully and eco-friendly.

Our Customers

Of course, we’re extremely thankful for the Shop Duggal community of photographers, visual artists, enthusiasts, collectors, interior designers and so many others who truly connect with an image beyond what meets the eye. Your work inspires us, your passion motivates us, and your support fuels us to keep creating. To show our gratitude, we’re giving you 40% off all Shop Duggal products from November 22-25, 2021. Use code thanks21 at checkout.