Every November 9th, museums and museum goers embrace Go to an Art Museum Day. The directive is simple—go to an art museum!—but the purpose is much more profound. Art museums connect people and communities with history and humanity, enlightening us all to learn and apply knowledge for inclusive and compassionate perspectives.

As you explore your art museum of choice, prioritize the educational opportunity above all. Along the way, also keep an eye on how museums showcase printed artwork in subtly sophisticated ways, including:


Acrylic prints, canvas prints and archival photographic prints elevate imagery to fine art. Historically, these mediums have been reserved mostly for professional artists and photographers, but Shop Duggal is bringing them to consumers and aspiring creative professionals so you can enjoy museum-style printing of your work and/or your favorite prints in your own home.


Notice how some museum pieces seem to “float” on their own, seemingly unattached to a wall? Shop Duggal uses this technique in its floating gallery Plexi prints. A gallery plexi mount gives your image an elegant self-standing effect while protecting it under shatter-resistant plexiglass. Acrylic prints with Plexi are also UV resistant, scratch resistant, and waterproof.


A timeless image deserves a timeless frame—and it doesn’t necessarily need to be an elaborate frame. Oftentimes, museum prints are displayed in classic black and white frames like those available on our site. When you buy framed photo prints at Shop Duggal, you can buy both the frame and the print as one art piece for that museum look and feel.

Enjoy Go to an Art Museum Day, and definitely don’t let it be the only day you visit a museum near you. When you find yourself inspired by a museum experience, visit Shop Duggal to get custom, professional, museum-quality printing delivered to you.