In the world of bathroom decor, subtly is out and big statements are in! Duggal’s Vibrachrome and Acrylic Prints are completely customizable and long-lasting, so you can get creative and take your bathroom from everyday to spa day.  

Tiny tiles are out and large-format wall prints are in. Not only do they give any washroom a luxury feel, but they are easy to wipe down and durable. Paired with natural stone or stone-like materials, large-format tiles will make you feel like you’re on vacation in your own home.

Duggal’s Vibrachrome metal prints are fine art worthy prints that stand the test of time. They are flame-resistant and completely waterproof making them the perfect material to create an immersive visual experience inside your bathroom. Whether you go the more minimalist route, or create something more daring, using customized prints as tiles will help you redefine your entire space.

While you’re decorating, consider adding a stunning Acrylic Print or two to your bathroom to add a personal touch. Face-mounted and flame-polished, these prints are typically the favorites of top photographers worldwide. Get the impact of professional-level craftsmanship ready for an art gallery, as you step out of the shower.

Whether putting together a striking wall of large-format metal prints, and hanging up impressive, expertly printed photography, our Vibrachrome and Acrylic Prints are sure to take your bathroom to the next level. 

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