When you’re looking to get photos printed, online should be the easiest route—but it doesn’t always end up that way. It’s easy to get lost in the world of online printers or, worse, wind up with prints that don’t quite meet your expectations.

Shop Duggal is here to solve all of that by combining quality, convenience and craftsmanship backed by Duggal Visual Solutions’ decades of experience as a leading NYC photo lab. Here’s how it works:

Pick Your Print

At Shop Duggal, you’ll find photo prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints and even photo books and frames. If you’re just looking for photo prints, we recommend our Standard Lightjet Prints or an easy upgrade to our HD C-Prints™. The HD C-Prints™ have more than twice the resolution of typical photo prints sold on other sites. If you end up sticking with the Lightjet prints, they’re still a step up from other online printers.

Choose Your Paper

With our Lightjet prints, you have five paper options: Matte, Glossy, Deep Matte, Metallic and Ilford True Black & White. The most common inquiry we receive in paper selection is the question of matte vs. glossy. Matte is essentially flat in tone and color, while glossy gives off a gleam. If you want to minimize glare and saturation, go with matte. If it’s extra shine you’re seeking, you’ll want glossy.

Set Your Size

Next, set up your dimensions and orientations. With dozens of sizes available, you can find the perfect sized print for your space. Shop Duggal has square, horizontal, vertical and even panoramic photo prints ranging from 4×4 to 96×48.

Upload Your Image

After you choose your specs and size, click “Get Started.” You’ll then enter our online photo print maker where you can upload your image. Accepted file types include JPEG, PNG, and PDF, with a max file size of 50 megapixels and a minimum resolution of 150 DPI at size.

Customize and Complete

Our online tools allow you to customize your print to your liking, from scale and crop to contrast, brightness and more. Double-check your final image, see a preview, add it to your cart—and that’s it!

Get photos printed online fast at Shop Duggal. Order today!