Considering making giclee prints of your artwork or photography? Looking to bring beautiful giclee prints to your home décor? Whether you’re a visual artist, collector, or casual consumer, giclee prints, also referred to as archival pigment prints, are truly stunning. And, you can order custom giclee prints online here at Shop Duggal. Use this quick guide to learn about giclee prints so you can feel confident in your purchase.

What Are Giclee Prints?

Giclee printing means fine art printing with a specialty inkjet printer. The main difference between a giclee print and a standard digital print is the use of higher-end technologies, such as fade-resistant dyes and pigment-based dyes, to accentuate the artistic qualities of the image. For example, a giclee print may use the CMYK color wheel, as do most standard inkjet printers. But, giclee prints will incorporate additional cartridges to make the colors more accurate and cover a broader spectrum.

How Do Giclee Printers Work?

Not all inkjet printers are created equally, especially when you consider the artistry achieved with giclee printers. While a giclee printer operates similarly to the standard inkjet printer with spraying mechanisms, it employs a more exclusive lightfast ink. Giclee printers were invented in response to fast-fading coloring from traditional inkjet printers and are used specifically for archival prints.

Are Giclee Prints Valuable?

Like other collectibles, giclee prints generally appreciate over time. Considering they can last up to 200 years with proper placement or storage, that’s a long runway for your print to rise in value. Even though they are reproductions, giclee prints are well-respected as high-quality works of art.

Benefits of Giclee Prints

  • Gallery-quality printing
  • Archival appeal
  • Color range and accuracy
  • Long-lasting

Examples of Giclee Prints

Photographer Phillip Graybill chose giclee prints to convey the soothing and calming nature of Montauk, NY’s Deep Hollow Ranch. Established in 1658, it was once the oldest working ranch in the U.S. Graybill gained access to photograph it with his 35 mm camera after forging a friendship with the longtime owners. The ranch has since been sold and closed. However, its horses live on in Graybill’s “Horse by Sea” series, which was originally produced for a gallery exhibition in nearby Sag Harbor. Graybill took the artistry of giclee prints a step further by adding his own resin finish.

Another example of giclee printing comes from Richard Corman, who famously photographed Madonna during her rise to stardom. Corman also called on Duggal to transfer his iconic photos of the pop star to giclee prints. These prints would eventually be used for Corman’s Madonna NYC83 exhibition.

Are Giclee Prints Expensive?

It’s uncommon to see giclee prints produced in high volume. In fact, giclee prints are one of the cases in which you want to be very intentional with your print run. Due to the added costs of the inks, pigments, and printers used, giclee prints are more expensive than standard photo prints or art prints. However, we’ve worked to make them more accessible and affordable through Shop Duggal—without sacrificing quality, of course. If you’re an artist looking to sell giclee prints, you might consider labeling them “limited edition giclee prints” to let people know that the prints are rare and high-quality.

Where to Buy Giclee Prints

Giclee prints require the perfect balance of technology and craftsmanship, so it’s important that they are executed correctly. Shop Duggal has the resources, expertise, and dedication to produce timeless giclee pieces and deliver them to your door. Order your professional giclee prints today.