As the holidays approach, planning for family dinners and celebrations can take a lot of time! Refreshing the visual decor of the space where your friends and family gather is an important step, but doesn’t need to be a stressful one. Dining rooms or dining spaces are the centerpiece of festivities, where great food and amazing memories come together. Elevating up your visual decor with high-definition prints and brand new framed prints is an easy and effective way to make your dining room that much more holiday ready!

Posters, artworks, and photographs can make any space feel more inviting and attractive. Whether you are selecting visual decor for aesthetic or sentimental reasons, getting the best quality prints will ensure that they look amazing and last for years to come. For a high-end look, Lightjet prints under acrylic are a great way to go. Face-mounted and flame-polished, these frameless mounted prints are sleek and modern. A favorite of top photographers worldwide, these prints are sure to impress all your guests.  

For those professional family portraits or favorite art prints, an HD C print under acrylic might be your preferred choice. These are gallery-quality prints you can hang in your dining room. With crystal clear definition and a beautiful flame-polished finishing, these mounted prints are elegant and contemporary.

Whether you choose a Lightjet or  High Definition Acrylic Print, your walls are sure to leave a lasting impression on all your dinner guests! 

The holidays are not a time to add worries to your list, like whether your decor is going to look good and be durable. Framed prints are an amazing way to take your dining room to the next level. Classic black or white frames are the best choice for no-fuss decor. With sleek lines and modern contours, these will suit any space or aesthetic. They are also compatible with a wide variety of images and artworks.

For prints or photographs with sturdy, long-lasting frames that won’t break the bank, classic framed prints are the perfect choice. Your beautiful visual decor will shine through without being overshadowed by worn out or overly ornate frames. With just a few simple upgrades, your guests will be able to enjoy dinner with a view! 

At Shop Duggal, we’re ready to bring your vision to life so you can easily make a splash at your next holiday meal! 

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