As winter approaches, we all want to create a cozy escape where we can relax at the end of the day. Your bedroom should be a space that you enjoy spending time and getting some peace of mind. Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, visual decor will certainly find a place in your bedroom sanctuary. From artworks to family photos, Shop Duggal has just the right pieces to make sure that all your favorite memories have a place in your cozy getaway.


Photos have a way of accumulating over time and eventually getting lost or damaged. That is certainly not adding a ‘zen’ factor to your bedroom! Premium quality, fabricated to last, our soft cover books will help you organize all your memories in one high quality, and visually stunning, place. Flip through your favorite moments while cuddling up with a mug or tea or your favorite film!


When it comes to adding your own personal touch, you can express yourself with custom, professional quality photo prints in the perfect size for your space. Big prints can make a statement, while smaller framed photos are perfect for propping up on a bedside table or desk. A gallery wall can do wonders in taking your bedroom to the next level.


You can even match artworks to other cozy decor to make the whole space feel more cohesive. Candles, throw blankets, pillows, and rugs are all great ways to make your bedroom feel more personal and warm. With completely customizable photo prints and photo books, you can match existing decor or create a statement piece to inspire the rest of the room!


At Shop Duggal, we’re ready to match your vision so you can have the coziest winter yet, and sweeter dreams. 

Give us your best work. We’ll give you ours.™