October is Computer Learning Month, encouraging people who may not be as comfortable as “digital natives” using computers to explore the possibilities of the internet and technology today. 

Instead of searching for “photo printing near me” and having to pick up photo prints in person, you can get photos printed online at Shop Duggal with just a few clicks. It’s really easy—we promise—and the first step is file prep.

To order photo prints from Shop Duggal, check the following specs:

File Type

Our Image Editor accepts TIFF, JPEG, PNG, or PDF files.

Image Size

The maximum file size that can be safely uploaded is 250 MB. A megabyte is 1025 kilobytes of information. When you see a file size in megabytes, it has figured in the size, resolution and color space. An 8×10 CMYK file at 300 dots per inch (DPI) is 27.5 megabytes, as is a 16×20 CMYK file at 150 DPI. The 16×20 print is twice the size of the 8×10, but half the DPI.


DPI is a term to quantify how many printed dots are used by a printer in creating a print. The ideal resolution for printing photos or artwork is between 150-300 DPI at size. The higher the DPI, the better the quality. Any lower, and the image may not appear as beautiful as we’re capable of producing and you will therefore have to waive a resolution warning that allows us to continue with your order.

Color Profile

The last factor in our simplified file prep is color profile, or color space, which both describe how colors are produced and represented in an image. We print using the Adobe RGB98 color space.


Need assistance with file preparation? Just ask! We’re here to help you get comfortable using our online storefront so you can get gallery-quality printing any time from the comfort of your computer. Get started today.