Photographers, graphic designers, and independent creatives are using professional photo books to showcase their work and win new clients—but they’re not the only ones. Any business in any industry can use a high-quality photo book to accomplish the following:

Make Your Pitch Memorable

Digital presentations do a great job of commanding attention but don’t always keep people actively engaged. The next time you are sitting through someone else’s presentation, recognize when your mind is wandering. After all, the human attention span is laughably short.

A professional photo book facilitates a more dynamic conversation and allows you to reset your audience’s attention with each turn of the page. You can point to key takeaways, turn the book toward the listener, and, if you produce many copies, leave a palpable presence.

Turn Your Services Visual

If you are in an industry where competitors essentially offer the same service—or where the services are extremely niche—essentially the only way to set your business apart is with branding. While messaging certainly matters, branding hinges on imagery. Use a photo book to reduce word count and make your services more interesting to the eye.

Capture Your Company Culture

Does your business tout togetherness in the workplace? We sure hope so! Having offered a couple of ideas to use a photo book for business purposes, we’ll leave you with one that is simply fun. Take photos from company gatherings and turn them into a photo book, scrapbook-style. Be sure to place the book on a table in the breakroom for everyone to enjoy.

Ready to get creative with how you present your business both internally and to customers? Compile your professional photo book online today! Plus, choose your cover style, special features, book size, and more.

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