Metal prints are a durable and versatile medium for decorating with wall art. In Shop Duggal’s Vibrachrome™ metal prints, a specially coated paper is transferred to a separate press that heats the print against the face of the metal at 400 degrees F. As the water in the ink evaporates, the ink transitions from a solid to gaseous state, making the print permanent and scratch-resistant, with no lamination needed. Our metal prints come in six styles:

White Aluminum Matte

White aluminum holds a true white background, while a matte finish minimizes glare. Matte’s anti-reflective characteristics make it visibly different from glossy photo prints.

White Aluminum Gloss

White aluminum can also pair well with a glossy finish, giving the colors of the image an extra pop. It’s just a matter of where you plan to place the image and how the surrounding lighting will interact with it.

White Aluminum Semi-Gloss

Looking for the middle ground between gloss and matte? Go with semi-gloss!

Natural Aluminum Matte

Our metal prints are also available in natural aluminum. The metallic finish of natural aluminum combined with the muted finish of matte brings a beautifully subdued aesthetic.

Natural Aluminum Gloss

With a gloss finish, natural aluminum will be slightly less “shiny” than white aluminum.

Natural Aluminum Semi-Gloss

Many customers gravitate to natural aluminum because it feels, well, natural. Meanwhile, they want just enough of a gloss to bring the image to life. It’s easy to see why natural aluminum with a semi-gloss is a popular pick.

Not sure which metal prints to choose? See, feel and compare them all with a Vibrachrome sample box! For $20, you can receive samples of all six metal print variations from Shop Duggal, plus a special discount on your first order to follow. Order your metal prints sample box today.