Ordering photo prints or Vibrachrome metal prints online? Making decisions can be difficult without seeing the materials for yourself. That’s why we created Shop Duggal sample boxes that allow you to take a step back before moving forward with your order. Not to mention, they have all sorts of artistic goodies. Order a sample box so that you can:

  1. Explore the Options

We have carefully selected the top materials for photo prints, canvas prints, metal prints, photo books and more—all in the spirit of bringing true customization to ordering prints online. With a sample box, you can lay them out in front of you rather than trying to decipher the differences from written descriptions.

  1. Get Inspired

Selecting a material is a creative process, not just a series of mouse clicks. As you’re sifting through the samples, choose what speaks to you. It will make your prints all the more meaningful.

  1. Take a Screen Timeout

In this day and age, we can all use a break from our computers and phones. And that’s coming from an e-commerce site, so you know it’s genuine. Rediscover the tactile aspect of art by comparing how the materials feel.

  1. Find the Right Solutions

In photo printing, the application is everything. By that, we mean that where you intend to display your prints will go a long way toward determining which material we recommend. For example, metal prints are ideal for specific places in the home.

  1. Discount to Follow

Our sample boxes range from $15 to $30. While that may seem like an added cost, it can actually enable you to save money later on. Your sample box comes with a special discount on your next order if you decide to move forward with any of the options you see in the box or online. Learn more and order today!