October 2, 2021 is World Card Making Day, a cute and creative reminder that small gestures make big smiles. Every first Saturday in October, handmade cards—probably millions of them—come to life from scratch. But not all of us are comfortable getting artsy with our hands. 

If you want to feel the warmth of World Card Making Day in a new and unique way, create a photo book online at Shop Duggal! It’s everything World Card Making Day stands for, minus the materials and multiplied with each turn of the page.

Jumpstart Your Holiday Shopping

When Paper Craft magazine created World Card Making Day in 2006, they chose October to give the holiday a true purpose: to get ahead of the holiday season. Start compiling your photo book now at Shop Duggal so you have plenty of time to explore the fun tools in our online photo book creator and create a truly one-of-a-kind photo book.

Give a Thoughtful Gift

Everyone knows the best gifts come from the heart. And when you put time and creative energy into a gift, it’s all the more meaningful. Imagine the joy your gift recipient will feel as they flip through pages and pages of photos. It’s like giving a card, times 10, 20 or more! At Shop Duggal, you can make a custom photo book with up to 100 pages, each bearing a beautiful photo print.

Preserve Special Memories

Life isn’t just about making a memory and moving on to the next. Looking back at good times can bring just as much happiness as looking forward to adventures ahead. A photo book is the best way to keep memories from fading in a timeless format that’s equal parts keepsake, décor and reminder why life is precious.

Let’s take World Card Making Day to the next level. Order your photo book today!