Make room, canvas prints. Scoot over, framed photo prints. There’s a new way to get photos printed online. 

Meet Vibrachrome™, Shop Duggal’s metal prints made through an innovative heat transfer process involving two powerful presses. Ink infused into metal makes for a vibrant image—but these metal prints are more than just gorgeous. In addition to visual appeal, our metal prints bring other benefits for decorating any space, including:


The metal panels used for Vibrachome™ metal prints are proven to last more than three times longer than photographic paper prints framed under glass. This fact comes from Wilhelm Imaging Research, the world’s leading authority on print permanence, which conducted extensive testing on ChromaLuxe samples. Because the ink in a Vibrachrome™ print has transformed from liquid to gaseous during the printing process, it is permanent and scratch-resistant, with no lamination needed.

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Alongside our own environmental efforts, we build meaningful relationships with material partners who share our eco-friendly values. Our aluminum supplier for metal prints, ChromaLuxe, takes sustainability to heart as an integral part of its business model. ChromaLuxe’s facility uses a low energy process for curing and coating, with other green practices including low-energy light bulbs and an ongoing recycling program. ChromaLuxe aluminum photo panels are made from recycled metal, with scraps going full circle back into recycling.

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Gallery Quality

Shop Duggal specializes in gallery-quality printing. Your metal prints are each backed with a brace to provide extra support and longevity. The brace also allows the print to float approximately ¾” off of the wall for a gallery aesthetic. 


Metal prints make ideal décor for spaces where paper or framed prints might not seem feasible. Many people skip kitchen décor because they feel that it will be damaged by heat, steam, water and daily cooking. As long as they’re not placed in the direct line of fire, metal prints can “stand the heat” and, therefore, stay in the kitchen. And since they’re humidity- and water-resistant, they can also be placed in the bathroom or even on the front porch.

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