Shot a fantastic photo that you want to see produced as a true work of art? Top artists from around the world choose Duggal’s floating gallery plexi technique to display their work in leading museums and galleries. Now, Shop Duggal is making it available to consumers.

You might be wondering what “floating gallery plexi” means. Let’s break it down word by word so that you can see why this solution is so popular.


Compared to traditional picture mounting and hanging, the subtle, yet discernible difference you’ll see in a gallery plexi mount is the floating appearance created by the combination of a plexi sheet and the face mounting method. It almost appears as if the image is “floating” with no apparent attachment.


Shop Duggal specializes in gallery-quality printing, meaning your prints are produced to the same specifications as those requested by renowned artists exhibiting in famous museums. Choose from standard or high-definition acrylic prints, each face-mounted to 1/4″ Plexi with flame polished edges and backed with 1/8″ white Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) and a low-profile track brace for easy hanging (and, seemingly floating!).


Acrylic face mounting helps to protect your image under plexiglass, shielding it from dirt, dust, and other elements known to age artwork. Gallery plexi prints are UV resistant, scratch-resistant, and even waterproof. They bring the same appearance as glass, without the risk of shattering.

Order your acrylic prints from Shop Duggal and choose between our standard and premium floating gallery plexi options. Better yet, upgrade to high-definition acrylic prints for the full gallery effect!