Photo book printing is a prized form of visual storytelling for professional photographers, and one that newcomers or even novices can pursue at Shop Duggal. Our online photo book creator allows you to easily upload, edit and organize images into a photo book that we deliver to your door. But first, you’ll want to choose the right type of photo book for you or your gift recipient. Here are the options along with our recommendations for when to use which type of photo book printing.


Holidays, newborns, travel experiences, family get-togethers, weddings—life’s special moments and milestones are perfect for our simple, yet sophisticated photo book that keeps the right balance between quality and price. Choose from an uncoated, super smooth stock for spot-on reproduction of your work or a coated silk stock with excellent print quality and depth on silky coated paper. Mirror silver, mirror gold and rose gold foil options are also available to make your book stand out.

Premium Natural

A premium, archival eggshell textured cover gives a fine art touch to this style of photo book and also sets a tone of importance as a collection of quality imagery. You’ll love the tactile feel of the genuine art paper stock, making our Premium Natural Photo Books an excellent choice for a series that tells a story. 

Premium Super Smooth

Our premium smooth cover stock is attractive to the touch and provides for warming reproductions of your work, be it a book of photographic memories, a final project or a professional portfolio. Offering superior color and definition, this book option is a great choice for those seeking true archival, gallery-quality printing.


Get the best photo book printing at Shop Duggal. Create your photo book today!