Being a commercial photographer might sound like a dream career—and it is! But don’t let the “dream” part detour you from pursuing your passion as a profession. If you have honed your skills, identified your strengths, and envisioned your business, you have the intangibles that it takes to make the leap from hobbyist to a commercial photographer. Now, equip yourself with the tools to secure your first client and many more thereafter.

The Business Winner

First impressions are everything. Show potential clients that you’re serious about your craft by bringing a physical portfolio to your meetings. You can use Shop Duggal’s online photo book creator to compile your photographs and have them printed on high-quality photographic paper. We recommend our professional photo book for this use case.

The Conversation Starter

In the age of videoconferencing, you might be fielding many of those first face-to-face meetings virtually. What does your Zoom background say about you? When you hang a large canvas print of your best work, it says that you’re a photographer! While Zooming with a new client or prospect, point to the image in the background and explain your process, composition, and purpose.

The Printing Partner

Photographic printing is a world of its own, with many materials to compare and contrast. Having a go-to printer makes you a one-stop-shop from concept to print delivery, so your clients can enjoy your wonderful work as photo prints. It will also make it easier to order and re-order prints for your self-promotion. Explore Shop Duggal and keep us in mind as your commercial photography career takes off!