Love decorating for the holidays? Take your home décor to the next level with a custom acrylic print. Whether you’re looking to surprise your family, impress guests or simply embrace the holiday spirit at home, seeing an acrylic print up close will give you a new appreciation for high-quality wall art. Here’s why you’ll love this addition to your holiday decorating tradition: 

Holiday imagery 

The holidays are synonymous with winter scenery, which looks absolutely stunning on a true photographic print face mounted to clear Plexiglass. At Shop Duggal, our photographic prints are the gold standard that professional photographers stand by—or you can upgrade to a high-definition print with more than twice the resolution. 

Show side of acrylic print

Shop Duggal specializes in gallery-quality printing, meaning your prints are produced to the same specifications and with the same materials as those requested by renowned artists exhibiting in famous museums. Acrylic prints are particularly gallery-worthy because they give the illusion of floating off the wall. That’s why our acrylic prints are also known as floating gallery Plexi prints.

Sophisticated Simplicity

The acrylic face mounting method helps to protect your image under Plexiglass, shielding it from dirt, dust and other elements known to age artwork. Acrylic prints by Shop Duggal are UV resistant, scratch resistant, and even waterproof. They bring the same appearance as glass, without the risk of shattering. Better yet, your print arrives professionally packed, with a low-profile track brace attached that makes it easy to place and hang your print in minutes. 


Create your custom holiday art piece on acrylic today!