2022 is the year of simple resolutions for hope, health, and happiness. If you’re looking for an approachable goal that you can achieve from the comfort of your own home, Shop Duggal is the place to make it happen. Here are a few ideas from our team:

Appreciate the Little Things

Whether it’s the freedom of the outdoors, a long-awaited visit with family, or a new hobby such as art or photography, find joy in simplicity. Even something as simple as a quiet night at home compiling a photo book can help your mind feel active, enlivened, and at ease all at once.

Capture Special Memories

This year, we’re looking forward to the eventual return—slowly, but surely—of the pastimes that many of us might have previously taken for granted before the pandemic. 2021 was a reminder of how important recreation and socialization are to our lives. As you begin to interact more freely, keep your phone or camera handy so you can take plenty of photos. Then, turn them into photo prints! Now you can order 10 prints for just $1 each! 

Send Gifts “Just Because”

The holiday season may be complete and the next one may seem a world away, but there’s no wrong time to give a thoughtful gift to someone you love. Make 2022 the year you make people smile with unexpected gifts like photo prints, photo books, and other personalized products from Shop Duggal. Stay safe, creative, connected, and inspired!