Moments come and go, but memories are forever. Still, many memories are reduced to moments when we don’t make time to preserve them. Our lives move so fast that we move from one moment to the next, oftentimes without fully appreciating the last. But with Shop Duggal’s 10 for $10 photographic print set, you can relive moments shortly after they happen and have them printed so they become lasting memories.


2021 was the year of the reunion as families embraced each other when lockdowns were lifted. As painful as the pandemic is, those who are fortunate enough to reunite with loved ones are able to experience a new sense of gratitude that only an image can capture and convey.


The easing of travel restrictions in 2021 also led many people to embark on much-deserved getaways to exciting destinations. With our quick and easy photo prints, you can turn all those iPhone travel photos into high-quality photo prints that are frame-worthy or photo book-ready. 


Newlyweds and their families love to see photos as soon as possible following a wedding. After posting the sneak peeks and favorite shots on Instagram and Facebook, make Shop Duggal your next stop for postcard-sized prints that you can send to guests and/or 8×10 prints to frame.

Holiday Parties

Had the time of your life at a holiday party or family gathering? There’s no reason to let the jolly memories fade. Use our drag-and-drop upload tool to quickly print those photos and start the countdown to the holidays all over again.

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