Everyone loves that fresh start feeling of a new year. As we embark on our New Year’s goals and resolutions, it’s gratifying to encourage others in their journey. Whether they’re trying a new diet, sticking to a workout routine, growing a business or simply living with purpose, your support could very well be the nudge that gets them feeling extra inspired. And with Shop Duggal’s 10 for $10 photographic print sets, you can make your message visually uplifting and memorable. Send your best wishes to: 


The rush back to work in January is exciting and enlivening. If you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur, jumpstart your projects and strengthen your relationships by sending a postcard with a thoughtful Happy New Year message. Our high-quality photo prints will make your brand stand out—especially compared to the endless flow of emails, where your message could otherwise be overlooked. 


Text messaging is a great way to keep in touch with friends near and far, but like emails, all texts begin to look the same in our scrolling lives. When you send a printed New Year postcard to a friend, they’ll get to experience a moment of appreciation when they receive it unexpectedly in the mail. They’ll also have a fun keepsake to display on their refrigerator.


It’s bittersweet to leave family after the holidays or, if you weren’t able to visit, to realize that the holiday season has flown by without family time. Remind your loved ones that you’re thinking of them and look forward to the next time you’ll see each other by sending a professionally printed photo of a special moment spent together. If you were able to enjoy the holidays as a family, turn your favorite photo from the holidays into an instant memory.

The new year is here and so are 10 for $10 photographic print sets for you to send new year wishes to all the important people in your life.
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