If you’re a photographer, you know the importance of your portfolio. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, your portfolio gets you your next project. And with each addition, your portfolio gets stronger. 

While an online portfolio is absolutely essential, a physical portfolio can be surprisingly helpful when you’re meeting with potential clients in person. Use Shop Duggal’s 10 for $10 photographic print set to turn your images into high-quality photo prints.

Carry Them Around

Postcard-sized photo prints are easy to carry in a messenger bag, backpack or in a protective folder inside your gear bag. You’ll always have examples of your work on hand—and at a size that people can easily see compared to images on a small smartphone screen.

Lay Them Out

Show your versatility with photo prints illustrating the different types of photography that you enjoy shooting. If you’re meeting with a prospect over coffee, lay your prints on the table and talk about your creative approach, including how each discipline spotlights a certain aspect of your skill set relating to the project in discussion. 

Swap New Prints in

Your portfolio is always evolving. Shop Duggal’s drag-and-drop tool makes it just as easy to upload photos for professional printing as it is to upload images onto your website. Set a reminder to print your latest and greatest work every few months so you’re always presenting your portfolio in the best light.

Step Your Game up


Just about every photographer has an online portfolio, but few have professional photo prints to show at all times. Take your career to the next level and start building your printed portfolio today! You might also be interested in our online photo book creator with premium materials and finishes.