What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2022? Bring it to life with Shop Duggal’s 10 for $10 photographic print set. Choose 10 images that represent your goals for the new year and turn them into high-quality photo prints. When you get your prints in the mail, display them on your wall or in your workspace for a year-long reminder to embrace everything that makes a New Year’s resolution inspiring and rewarding. 


Humans have the gift of imagination. Close your eyes, and you can imagine anything. Open them, and you can pursue everything. Photography allows us to imagine even more vividly, so we can actually see what we want to achieve. For example, if your goal is to save money for an international adventure, seeing and appreciating a photo of your destination can truly help you get there.


It’s one thing to write your goals down. It’s an entirely different thing to see them before your eyes. Photography has an unmatched ability to motivate the mind. If your New Year’s resolution centers on health and fitness, images of your favorite athletes and sports will keep you committed to your regimen as you visualize the end game. 


If you have an ambitious goal, tap into the power of symbolism to fuel your journey. The beauty of a photo is that it doesn’t come with a definition. Any image is open to interpretation and every person will have their own way of relating that image to their life. Growing a business, for instance, might feel similar to climbing a mountain, with an image of the latter giving inspiration to work toward the former.


With your photo prints on display, you’ll always have all of the above—imagination, motivation and inspiration—to stick to your resolution and be the best version of yourself. Print your vision for the new year on 10 photo prints for just $10 with just a few clicks. Get started today!